March 22, 2003

Trained Monkeys Fly Out my Web Server

I heard a song on the radio a few weeks ago that I liked. I kept hearing it again and decided I liked it enough I wanted to buy the band's album. Unfortunately, I had never noticed what the song title was nor the band's name. So I start listening to the station where I heard the song the most only to discover that nowadays DJ's don't bother to tell you what song they just played. Ever. When did that happen? Okay, I'll just visit the KZSF website and look at their playlist. If you clicked the previous link you'll notice the page you get doesn't say "KZSF homepage", it says "KSJO - Proof that trained monkeys CAN run a website". Apparently their trained monkeys need more training. The page opens more pop-ups than a cheap porn site (not that I'd know about cheap porn sites, mind you). Luckily, I found another web site that explains the situation.

By the way, all I know about the song is it's a dance song with a female vocalist, she keeps singing "desperately" and "Just breathe" (or "just believe") over and over and someone told me the band's name starts with an E. If you know the song please let me know what the heck it's called and who does it.

UPDATE: Found the song! "Breathe" (duh) by telepopmusik. So much for the band's-name-starts-with-an-E theory. I asked the guy at Tower Records for help and when he figured out which song I meant he made this kind of slight "Ew, that music is so beneath me" expression. I just think the song is pretty.

Posted by thom at March 22, 2003 10:46 PM
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